10 Tips For New York by Vertoe.

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New York is sometimes called the capital of the world, and not without reason. You must have visited this beautiful city at least once in your life: skyscrapers, yellow taxis, the best restaurants, shops, and sights. We can give you 100 tips for New York, but we have listed ten special ones for you.

For the most delicious pizza in New York, you have to go to the restaurant Roberta's in Brooklyn. You probably have to wait a while; this Italian restaurant is trendy among New Yorkers. But waiting is not so bad because you can enjoy a cocktail in the garden while you wait for a table. Believe us; it is worth the wait for these delicious (also affordable!) Pizzas.

Empire State Building

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When you think of New York, you think of the Empire State Building. This 381-meter high skyscraper is New York's best-known building. Well worth a visit, because the view from the top is amazing.

Butchers Daughter

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In the Nolita neighborhood, you will find the restaurant Butchers Daughter. All healthy foodies have to pay a visit here. In the summer, you can sit outside on one of the characteristic yellow chairs on the terrace. In the winter, you are also comfortable in the trendy interior with white brick walls and a mecca of plants. Their specialty: The Avocado toast. Yam!

Bar 54

Bar 54 is the highest rooftop bar in New York. This bar owes its name to the fact that it can be found on the 54th floor of the Hyatt hotel in Times Square. Enjoy the breathtaking view while enjoying a delicious cocktail.


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In the west of Brooklyn, you will find the hip Williamsburg district. This emerging neighborhood has hip residents, vintage shops, unique shops, street art, and excellent restaurants. What particularly stands out when you are in this neighborhood is the relaxed atmosphere. Unlike Manhattan, all people are relaxed here, and you can stroll around the neighborhood in peace. Also nice: Every Saturday, a food truck festival is organized in Williamsburg. Here you can enjoy the tastiest dishes with a view of the New York skyline

Levain Bakery
You could easily overlook this small bakery, but because of the standard long line, you can recognize it immediately. Yes, you have to wait a while, but believe us, these giant cookies are worth it.

9/11 museum

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September 11, 2001, has been the darkest day in New York history. On the spot where the Twin Towers stood, there is now a memorial and museum in memory. This moving museum shows the impact of the events and highlights the tragedies of all victims and their families.

Central Park

Central Park is located in the middle of New York, an oasis of peace in the middle of the busy city. Spend an afternoon relaxing in Central Park, and you will almost forget that you are in a city of millions because of all the greenery and tranquility. Nice to rent a bike and discover this beautiful park by bike.
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Chelsea Market

 You will find the Chelsea Market in the Meatpacking district. This is the largest indoor food market in the world. Lovely to wander around here and even better to eat a snack at various restaurants.

El Rey

One of the most beautiful lunch spots on the Lower East Side is El Rey. You will mainly find locals here who quietly read their newspaper and enjoy a cup of coffee. Affordable dishes such as chia pudding, fresh salads, or Avocado toast are on the menu.


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